APPARENTLY, READERS of the Hartford Courant weren’t all that happy with the vertical nameplate that came as part of the newspaper’s redesign last September. So, now with new management at the helm, the newspaper has decided to return to a more traditional look.

The Courant surveyed readers (and even threw an u-g-l-y reversed blue flag into the mix!) and those readers were pretty strong for the horizontal nameplate.

It’s mistake I wouldn’t have made in the first place. But I gotta applaud them for listening to their readers and being willing to take a step back,

How about you? Would you have done it? What are your thoughts?

[Thanks to friend and editor Patsy Pelton]

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One response to “Oooops!

  1. I’m not totally hating the vertical mast. I think it’s different and it certainly grabs your attention. I can also see why many readers wouldn’t like it. (Most are not graphic designers.) It may be too much of a change for them. If you’re used to something always being a certain way then changing from the norm can be mind-blowing. The Times and Democrat experimented with a vertical mast a few years back for a different look to their Saturday paper. (To attract a more youthful readership) There was backlash there, also, from the public. We eventually went back to the more traditional mast as well.
    But in my opinion, for all that is worth, I like the vertical. Kudos for going in that direction.

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