Poll: Are free form ads the work of the devil?

FREE FORM ADS (check one out just a couple of posts down from here) are becoming more common. And some advertisers seem to prefer them—because they see the impact their design (there’s that word again!) has on the page.

z LA TIMESMost newsroom purists, of course, will gasp whenever they see one. At the LA Times recently, the news staff circulated a petition claiming a free form ad on page 1 had “caused incalculable damage to this instition.” Perhaps the damage is perceived more because the ad was dressed to look like a news story.

But free form ads that are clearly advertising: Are they a danger? Do they cross any ethical lines? Or are they just another opportunity for us to make a few bucks in a weak economy?

What are your thoughts? Take the poll below.

And, while you’re at it, please vote in the poll on newspaper contests: Are they worth it? Just a waste of time?

Cast your vote here:

And here:

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