4 responses to “Page (OK, an ad) from: Judy Lytle | Ludington Daily News

  1. I like this ad! I think it has enough presence on the page to make sense. I’ve seen some of these free form ads that don’t have ‘enough’ to them to justify the extra work on the news staff’s part. This one is very well done!

  2. I like it. Even with the photo on the page. I think it was well done and would like to see some in our paper every once in a while.

  3. Kevin Clancy

    We need to recognize that a newspaper (and the newspaper business) is simply a device to deliver advertising to consumers. As with all advertising, it needs to be impactful and not undermine what the medium is used for by the consumer, it should not deceive (ie; pretend to be news) but it should be valid communication to the customer…..apart from that, lets get creative! Maybe the graphic designers at the news desk could put some ideas forward to the advertisers.

  4. John Yearwood

    The ad works really well, although the dog doesn’t help it much. The position of the dog suggests something about the flavor of the beverage, don’t you think? The page is fine with the rules, photos, and stories. Unless you bought the whole page, I’d say the eds did you a favor.

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