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Look! Up in the title! It’s a real apostrophe!


THANKS TO DAVID MERRILL, IT and Graphics Manager at Oregon Newspaper Publishers Assn., I now have a real apostrophe in the blog title at the very top of this (and other) pages!

David had promised that he would help me find a way to get that apostrophe…and he kept his promise.

His note began: “To quote a familiar bard, ‘Yes we can!'” And he did.

An ampersand here and a semicolon there and a few numbers thrown into the mix and I have…an apostrophe!

It was a great Independence Day holiday gift for me. And David gets a free pdf copy of 101 Henninger Helpful Hints as a thank-you.

Ahhhhh, I’ll sleep better tonight knowing the typography gods are once again smiling upon me.

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