Whitney Houston sings National Anthem

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY the best vocal rendition of our National Anthem. Houston sang this at the beginning of Super Bowl XXV in 1991, shortly after the beginning of the first Gulf War.

If you are possessed of an ounce of patriotism, this will send chills through you.



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5 responses to “Whitney Houston sings National Anthem

  1. marsden Epworth

    Your comment on patriotism is objectionable. The idea that patriots only would appreciate Huston’s version is silly at best, stupid at worst

  2. Emily

    The comment on patriotism is spot on. If you don’t believe it go ask a serviceman/woman or their families! I remember that you could not go to any sporting event for a few years and not hear this rendition. Thanks, Ed, for reminding us why and what we celebrate tomorrow and why most of us have a paid holiday.

  3. Thanks. When you’ve served in the Armed Forces (I have) and you’ve built a business here in America (I have) and you’ve traveled to other nations where poverty and need and hopelessness are a fact of life (I have), you’ll learn firsthand that there are good reasons for flag-waving and love of country (I have).

    God Bless America.

  4. Jeffrey

    The thing about Whitney’s version is that you have to understand how hard that song is to sing anywhere. But out on a football field with a marching band behind you, it is one of the worst possible sound setups. To take those conditions and render that version is almost miraculous.

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