3 responses to “Page from: Steven Bridges | The Goldthwaite Eagle

  1. I agree on the tint blocks. Some papers still think that they have to shade something to make it stand out on the page. All a tint does is minimize contrast and make the type harder to read.

    There is no consistency in the headlines. It’s a hybrid of New York Times and AP style. The only “pure” AP head is in the EMS story. They need to stick to one format.

  2. Lauri Shillings

    I also agree about the tinted block. It seems to make it have more of a ‘shopper’ effect. (certain members of our news team LOVE the colored block thing BTW… So I can’t complain overmuch.) I kind of like the vintage gold eagle. It reminds me of those 1930’s papers that had news all over the front page with no pictures. I might reposition it to the left side so it doesn’t play such a prominent roll in the masthead.
    I also like the use of the larger mug shots on the left column.

  3. Lauri:

    Those people on your news team who like the tint blocks need to be asked this question: “What well-designed, award-winning newspapers have they seen that use tint blocks?” The answer: None! Tint blocks are a throwback to the 1960s, when we (newspapers) started to get color and had absolutely no idea what to do with it. Unfortunately, some of us still don’t. If I were in charge at your paper, I’d flat-out outlaw them.

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