One response to “First page posting!

  1. Larry, cool that you are the first to post a page! Bravo! There are a few things that I noticed when I looked at your page. First, I thought I was looking at two papers. The masthead appears that you are trying to be contemporary, but everything beneath that looks dated. Even though I think there was too much in the masthead and it could be tweaked and be a lot stronger, I saw a lot of potential there. I think shifting a few things and some tracking and kerning adjustments can make a lot of difference.
    Beneath the masthead, first and foremost, there needs to be a headline or subhead about the main story. The bold head above the pictures is fine, but the story is just floating there below the pictures. The photos could have been placed more creatively and I’m not sure I like the black labels above the photos. I understand that you were trying to illustrate that the pics were from different communities, but I think the cutlines would have sufficed.
    I would have put a rule between the top story and photos and the bottom story. In the bottom story, I would not have rounded the corners of the photo boxes and just put regular cutlines beneath them.
    Also, I am a fan of left justified type. To me, it really opens the page and lets it breathe, plus takes care of the funky spacing with some lines of text.
    I am well aware that being a weekly community newspaper means that you are sometimes prisoner to your readers when it comes to news coverage and even design. We changed our look several times before we settled with our current one. It’s tough knowing how your readers will respond to even minor changes. We hit ours with a huge change and continue to update and improve all the time.
    Lots of luck!

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