Back to basics


SOME OF YOU may have noticed that I was using a corner of the banner art on this page to place the “Ed Henninger’s Blog” title. Reason was, I hated the fact that the apostrophe in the label wasn’t really an apostrophe, but the foot mark. So, I decided to do away with the title in the bar at the top and place it in the photo instead. Trouble is, that apparently means the blog is more difficult to find/follow using web search tools and the like.

So…I’m gonna hafta learn to live with that foot mark. I don’t want to call this “The Blog of Ed Henninger” or “The Ed Henninger Blog”—too snooty for my taste. Unless someone comes up with a better idea, it’ll just hafta be “Ed Henninger’s Blog”…with foot mark instead of apostrophe.



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5 responses to “Back to basics

  1. Hello Ed,

    How about “Ed Henninger Blogs!”

    Just a thought…

  2. David Merrill

    Have you tried using code 146 instead of code 039 for your apostrophe? I’d hate to see a top-notch designer have to rename his blog because of a typographic conundrum.

    • David: Apparently it’s nothing I can fix from here. It’s a WordPress thing. I checked with the designer of the “theme” and he says it’s in the WordPress coding. When I have time I’ll try to contact them. But thanks for the suggestion…and please keep reading the blog. Ed

      • David Merrill

        I’m working with a WordPress design/installation right now, so I’ll do a bit of testing and get back to you. It’s hard to believe there’s not a way to do this.

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