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Poll: Are contests worth it?

IN RECENT WEEKS, two of my clients received strong recognition for their efforts. The Western Catholic Reporter was named best-designed by the Canadian Church Press. And the Hood County News in Granbury, TX, won General Excellence and Best Page Design from the Texas Press Assn. Both are good newspapers and their design makes me look good, too.

But I know there’s always some question about awards and contests and how they’re run and who the judges are and categories and the like. I’ve judged quite a few contests myself and I understand the difficulties involved in the process.

Nevertheless, I know there are quite a few journalists out there who think that contests are a waste of time, effort and money. Even though they may have won their share of awards, they don’t place much stock in contests.

What are your thoughts? Are contests good for the industry? Do they help your newspaper? Do they make you a better journalist?


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Back to basics


SOME OF YOU may have noticed that I was using a corner of the banner art on this page to place the “Ed Henninger’s Blog” title. Reason was, I hated the fact that the apostrophe in the label wasn’t really an apostrophe, but the foot mark. So, I decided to do away with the title in the bar at the top and place it in the photo instead. Trouble is, that apparently means the blog is more difficult to find/follow using web search tools and the like.

So…I’m gonna hafta learn to live with that foot mark. I don’t want to call this “The Blog of Ed Henninger” or “The Ed Henninger Blog”—too snooty for my taste. Unless someone comes up with a better idea, it’ll just hafta be “Ed Henninger’s Blog”…with foot mark instead of apostrophe.



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