Want to see your pages here?


…in posting your pages on Ed’s blog? I’m thinking it over: creating a separate page here for community papers to submit pages they really like. Yes, there are other sites in the internet where editors can post pages but here’s the difference: this is for community newspapers only.

Post your pages…and help me to define “community newspapers.” OK…that second part could take a while.

If you’re interested, please e-mail me at edh@henningerconsulting.com or leave a comment here!


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3 responses to “Want to see your pages here?

  1. Ed: Posting pages is a fantastic idea. What an archive you can create to inspire editors and designers to do even better work. We should be able to look at the best work of others and be inspired to swipe and deploy ideas that can be customized for our own stories and — yes, — advertising. In fact, I recommend you create a page for great community newspaper ads. That’s right. I dare you. Jerry

  2. Lauri Shillings

    I would love to see a posting of design samples from our community papers. What inspiration for page designers and/or ad designers! Also a great way to receive constructive criticism on the work so they can improve next time.

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